With default options:
$('#time').chrony({ hour: 1, minute: 2, second: 3 });

<div id="time"></div>
With callback option:
  second: 15,
  finish: function() {

<div id="time"></div>
$('#time').chrony({ minute: 10, blink: true });

<div id="time"></div>
With text format:
$('#time').chrony({ text: '1:20:30' });

<div id="time"></div>
With custom alert:
$('#time').chrony({ seconds: 3670, alert: { color: '#DDD', hour: 1, minute: 1, second: 1 } });

<div id="time"></div>
- When you not especify the attribute hour, minute or second the default value is zero (0) for each one;
- When you not especify the attribute color, the default value is red '#F00'.
With auto adjusted seconds:
$('#time').chrony({ seconds: 70 });

<div id="time"></div>
With auto adjusted minutes:
$('#time').chrony({ minutes: 70 });

<div id="time"></div>
With auto adjusted hours:
$('#time').chrony({ hours: 70 });

<div id="time"></div>
- The max time will be setted to 23:59:59.
Without hours:
$('#time').chrony({ hour: 1, minute: 20, second: 30, displayHours: false });

<div id="time"></div>
Without minutes:
$('#time').chrony({ hour: 1, minute: 1, second: 30, displayMinutes: false });

<div id="time"></div>
Without seconds:
$('#time').chrony({ hour: 1, minute: 20, second: 30, displaySeconds: false });

<div id="time"></div>
With custom decrement:
$('#decrement').chrony({ decrement: 2 });

<div id="decrement"></div>
Default options:
alert           : { second: 10 }
Attributes color, hour, minute and second to configure the alert.
blink           : false
Enables the colon blink.
blinkTime       : 130
Time spent to blink the colon.
decrement       : 1
Number of seconds used to decrement the time.
displayHours    : true
Display or not the hours on clock.
displayMinutes  : true
Display or not the minutes on clock.
displaySeconds  : true
Display or not the seconds on clock.
finish          : undefined
Callback function to be executed when the time ends.
hour            : 0
Number of hours initial.
hours           : undefined
Number of hours initial auto adjusted to max if needed.
minute          : 0
Number of minutes initial.
minutes         : undefined
Number of minutes initial auto adjusted to hour if needed.
second          : 0
Number of seconds initial.
seconds         : undefined
Number of seconds initial auto adjusted to minute if needed.
text            : undefined
Time written out in full using the following mask: HH:mm:ss.
Public functions:
decrement: blink: blinkTime: set
$('#time').chrony('set', { decrement: 2 });
re-adjust runtime options.
Changing the settings globally:
$.fn.chrony.defaults.decrement = 2;
$.fn.chrony.defaults.blink = true;
- You can change any option mention the scope $.fn.chrony.defaults. + option_name;
- This setup must be called before you bind the chrony, of course.